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 OPPO 203, 205, panasonic UB9000, Pioneer LX800,

Opinion. The Pioneer LX800 is based on subjective survey on internal electronic circuits, chips used, and reviews from abroad, not a real one. Please note that it is purely subjective.


1. Video Quality Aspects

 panasonic UB9000 >> Pioneer LX800> OPPO 205 = OPPO 203

In terms of video quality, it's a big win for the Panasonic UB9000. It uses its own video processing chip.

The difference is even bigger when you play back Blu-ray discs, especially when you thought the picture quality was not good. He / she plays with a sense of stability elegantly. In addition, the quality difference between streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube is widening. 

In contrast, the Pioneer LX800, OPPO 205 and OPPO 203 use chips from Taiwan Media Tech. 

In the case of Oppo, many people think that expensive 205 is better than 203, but the video circuit is 100% identical. It is hard to feel the difference even if I see it. 

The modified Oppo will show better image quality than the Pioneer LX800.

Panasonic UB 90000 Inside View


2. Digital audio side

 panasonic UB9000> OPPO 205> OPPO 203

  The Pioneer LX800 can't be evaluated because I haven't heard it. 


 Panasonic UB 9000 sounds better than digital audio output via HDMI or SPDIF

is. The Oppo 205 has a variety of digital audio inputs, so it's great to be able to receive many different types of input.


3. Analog audio side

   OPPO 205> = Pioneer LX800> panasonc UB90i00 Japan Limited> panasonc UB90i00 (North America, Europe Edition)> = Oppo 203 


For analog audio output via the built-in DAC, the Oppo 205 and the Pioneer LX800 will be similar. Oppo 205 looks better on circuit and spec. It has a dedicated large linear power supply and uses one Saber 9038Pro, one of the best DAC chips available. The Pioneer LX800, on the other hand, uses two similar Saber 9026Pro chips to produce stereo output. On the other hand, the power supply does not seem to reach Oppo 205. 


panasonc UB90i00 Japan Limited uses the DAC chip of Asahikisei, Japan, to faithfully decorate it, but it is powered by switching power, so there is concern about noise inflow. If you convert to a linear power supply, there are quite a few improvements. 

 For the panasonc UB90i00 (North American, European edition) and the Oppo 203, analog audio output is a great expectation. 


4. Usability aspect 

 OPPO 205 = OPPO 203> panasonic UB9000> Pioneer LX800  

In this part, Oppo is the winner. Support for various playbacks such as playing videos embedded in the hard disk, and support for external subtitles in Korean is a feature that you can never expect from other devices. can.


 panasonic UB9000 has built-in streaming service such as Nexflix and YouTube, and the picture quality is very good. It does not play SACD.

  The Pioneer LX800 doesn't offer streaming service by default, and it doesn't even have an HDMI IN port, so it can't provide streaming service through the adapter. 

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