OPPO UDP 205 DAC circuits upgrade

OPPO BD player Mod. 2017.09.05 07:58


The main stereo balance and unbalanced output should be modified mainly.

In the figure, the yellow part shows the balanced output part and the unbalanced part are shown as the light blue.

The electrolytic capacitor is now used, they should be replaced with OSCON(SANYO or Panasonic) and Wima film capacitor ( MKS2 1uF/63V)

The second picture shows that only the unbalanced parts are connected in parallel with the Wima film capacitors. The balance part are marked in yellow. 

 Coupling capacitors are a very important part where the sound signal passes directly. The function is to cut off DC voltage and pass only music signal, which is very directly related to sound quality.

oscon in unbalanced portion

Wima film capacitors