Linear power to Neck Boards

Marquee 9500LC upgrade 2006. 5. 31. 19:14

ㅣLinear regulator power supply for VIM and Neck baords

I used Power FET ( 2sk1058, 2SJ162 ) it can handle 7A , up to 160V

Actual burn in test before mounting. I used 3 separte trnsformers . For 85V application, 73V AC 1 A spec. I found that actual currents for 85V is 350 mA for all 3 neck boards.

it supplied power through special harnessI made. you can see 85.8V in tester.

Mounting to neck boards with new harness PCB which made quite easy.

I cut holes for the bracket under the VIM board bracket and made power socket for connecting out board power supply