Modification points for OPPO UDP 205

OPPO BD player Mod. 2017.09.19 09:39



1. Linear power supply module(LPM):

The existing switching power supply generates a lot of noise.


With installation of LPM, Both audio and video have obvious improvements. Quite heavy transformer is used. Transformer of sufficient size ,which is double the required capacity is used.

In addition, KW class electrolytic capacitors which is the highest grade among the audio electrolytic capacitors of Nichicon of Japan, is used.


In final stage, Wima(Germany) film capacitor is applied along with tantalum capacitor.

The PCB is gold-plated on an epoxy glass substrate.

when LPM is adopted, the noise of the video certainly disappears and the color becomes much clearer. The transparency is surely increased as a whole.


In the case of audio, the mid-range sound is became clear and musical, Bass has more energy while high frequencysound become crystal clear. and the sound will be changed greatly . The music becomes more musical.

2. Upgrading the clock circuit


All digital devices operate according to the clock signal. Therefore, the accuracy and precise waveform of this clock affect the entire video and audio performance.


For video, the sharpness of the edges. color appears purer. In the case of audio, the sound image deployment such as the position of each musical instrument is reliably expressed and the three-dimensional feeling is expressed more clearly.


There are two types of clocks. The accuracy of the temperature-controlled crystal oscillator (TCXO), which is a temperature-compensated clock, increases by more than 100 times to 2.5 PPM.


Basically, TCXO clock is recommended. Some audio enthusiasts, however, want the best performance regardless of price. In this case, there is an OVEN controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) whose price is very expensive but the precision is increased by more than 100 times. It shows an extreme precision of 0.001 PPM. Originally used for satellite and mobile base station equipment, it is an expensive component, but it has a certain effect when used for audio and video. But the price is very expensive.


3. Reinforcement of the DAC circuit


The DAC of the Oppo 205 uses the SABER 9038PRO chip to improve audio performance. However, the electrolytic capacitors, which are poor in sound quality This part is necessary for safety in order to prevent the internal DC voltage from going out.

But this is the weakest part. By replacing this electrolytic capacitors part with the OSCON and WIMA film capacitors which are excellent in sound quality, the performance can be improved remarkably.